Monday, August 16, 2010

Works In Progress

I'm gearing up to rewriting Visceral Magick. This time it will include new information and practical techniques, based on my continued exploration of the subject. Once that is done, I will finally get around to writing the fantasy Witch Blood trilogy I've been wanting to do.

But first, some publishing projects need finishing. Sybil Leek: Out of the Shadows, by Christine Jones, is now available, and Journeys Out of Time, by Michael Berman, is having the finishing touches added prior to going to print. Also at the "nearly ready for print" stage is the anthology on Hedgewitchery edited by Veronica Cummer, To Fly by Night.

Really exciting - for me at least - is the news that we have signed Raymond Buckland to do two books, a new one called Domino Divination, and a reprint of the classic Practical Color Magick. Hopefully there will be more titles from Dr. Buckland after these are completed.

We also have a new DVD arriving soon - Introduction to Southern Conjure, with Orion Foxwood. And just to be a complete tease, we are working on a huge project with Orion, so watch this space for further news.

Lastly, I am finally going to get my original two books, The Book of the Veil and Through the Veil, reprinted along with new material in the single volume Ancient Egyptian Mysteries.



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