Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Books, New Authors, New DVD

My Grimoire for Modern Cunningfolk is now available, as is Sybil Leek: Out of the Shadows, by Christine Jones. I'm very proud of both of these titles, and I really hope they are doing well.

We are also about to release a new DVD, Introduction to Southern Conjure with Orion Foxwood. It is going to be the first in a series on Conjure, so keep an eye out for the rest.

But the really big news is that we just signed a new author to Pendraig, Raymond Buckland - yes, that Raymond Buckland. He's doing two titles with us initially - a new book called Domino Divination, and a reprint of the classic Practical Color Magick - but we hope to do many more with him.

In other news, I'm going to be doing my Visceral Magick workshop at the Pagan Pride events for Kern County and Antelope Valley in September, and a bunch of different workshops at Shadow Harvest in North Carolina this November.

The Visceral Magick book is coming along nicely. I'm doing a rewrite, partly because I've continued to work with it and got new stuff, and partly because the nearly complete manuscript was on a thumbdrive that I managed to lose... but in any case, with the new material it is going to be even better, so it will be worth the wait.



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