Friday, September 2, 2011

Visceral Magick

I'm very pleased - and somewhat relieved - to say that my latest book, "Visceral Magick", is finished, and will be released on september 15th. So keep an eye out for it on Amazon...

On September 17th, I will be at the Pagan Podkin Supermoot in Salem, MA, where about 16 Pagan podcasters, including me, will be doing a meet and greet in the morning at Omen. That afternoon, I'll be teaching a workshop on "Invocation and the Art of Ritual Possession" at the store. The following weekend, I'll be teaching "Visceral Magick" at the West Coast Eisteddfod in Los Angeles... both weekends I will have he new book available for sale, as well as my previous one, "A Grimoire for Modern Cunningfolk".

Last weekend I attended "Conjure on the Kern", a weekend intensive on Southern Conjure with Orion Foxwood. It was an incredible weekend that both my wife and I enjoyed immensely. If you ever see Orion Foxwood teaching anything in your area, goto it, because he is inspirational.

In November, my wife and I will be heading to North Carolina for Shadow Harvest, where I'll be teaching a number of new workshops. My friends in NC are all okay after the hurricane, though some of them are still waiting for the power to come back on!

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