Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Lots of stuff going on... first of all, there are several new podcast episodes, and the podcast is going live on Thursday nights, courtesy of Blog Talk Radio:

Peter's Crooked Path on Blog Talk Radio

Pendraig has some new books out, more novels by S. P. Hendrick, and "Scottish Herbs and Fairy Lore" by Ellen Hopman. Coming up is a great novel by Ben Reder called "The Demon's Apprentice", and another by Claudia Dillaire, called "Wrath of Amun". The first is a horror story that evokes the world of Harry Dresden ("The Dresden Files"), and the secomd is a murder mystery set in Ancient Egypt. We also have the first in a series of books on Enochian magick due out in August, written by Scott Stenwick.

... and somewhere in there my own "Visceral Magick" will finally see the light of day!

Wendy Rule is back in the US, and the final concert of her US tour is on July 29th, at the Lonny Chapman Theatre in North Hollywood - go to the link for info and tickets. Wendy will be performing with Silver Phial.

I will be in Salem on September 17th for the Pagan Podkin Super Moot, and will also be teaching my "Invocation and the Ancient Art of Ritual Possession" workshop at Omen on that afternoon. The following weekend I'm teaching "Visceral Magick" at the West Coast Eisteddfod in Los Angeles, and the first weekend in November I will be returning to ShadowHarvest in North Carolina. I hope to see you at one of these events!

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