Monday, February 13, 2012

And so, to PantheaCon!

The chore of taxes is finally behind us, and in a few days the wife and I, along with S. P. Hendrick and her husband, will be driving up to San Jose, where we will mingle with around 2,500 assorted Pagans at our favorite West Coast event, PantheaCon. Members of our coven will be there, other Pendraig authors, and friend from near and far, some of whom we only see at PantheaCon each year.

This year I'm presenting two workshops, to make up for missing the 'Con last year while I was in hospital, trying not to lose my leg. So I have two years of pent-up hedonism to expend over the long weekend. The workshops I'm teaching are "Gods and Ancestors and the 21st Century Crafter" and "Invocation and the Ancient Art of Ritual Possession". If the turnout is anything like I got for my "Visceral Magick" workshop there two years ago, I'll be very happy indeed!

I'm also pleased to say that the Enchantment study group has got off to a good start... this is actually a series of groups around the world working on the material I am putting together for my next book, "Enchantment: The Witch's Art of Manipulation Through Gesture, Gaze and Glamour". We are communicating by video (on DVDs I send out to the remote groups) and a private group on FaceBook, and there are groups across the US, in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. This is a really enjoyable way to write a book!

If you're going to PantheaCon, look me up and say hello. I'll be signing and selling copies of "A Grimoire for Modern Cunningfolk" and "Visceral Magick", and S. P. will be selling and signing her novels, Ellen Evert Hopman will be doing the same with her new book "Scottish Herbs and Fairy Lore", and Ed Fitch will also be there, selling and signing copies of our re-print of his classic "Magical Rites From the Crystal Well".

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