Monday, October 25, 2010

Crooked Path Podcast MP3s Now Available

I've bowed to the inevitable, and put the complete set of podcasts for The Crooked Path onto a data DVD, and those of you who have been looking for the old episodes can now purchase them on one handy disc...

This data DVD contains all the original episodes - 112 of them - plus the pilot and one or two supplimental ones, along with an insert sheet listing the episodes and their contents.

The Crooked Path was a popular and controversial podcast thast focussed on Traditional Witchcraft. Filled with Lore, practical techniques, interviews with Crafters and music from the likes of Wendy Rule, it was one of the few podcasts to focus on non-Wiccan Witchcraft. Of course, there are more catering to thatgenre now.

I closed the original Crooked Path website, but new episodes go up on an infrequent schedule at the new site, Peter's Crooked Path. I hope to be back to regular weekly podcasts by the end of this year.


  1. *GRIN* Hmmm, the right bug in the right here and a Happy Yule present fair beckons.

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  3. Just so I am clear; Classic Crooked Path ends at episode 112 and Peter's Crooked Path starts with episode 26? No episode 1-25 for Peter's Crooked Path?

  4. Eps 1-25 got lost when my previous host service shut up shop without warning, right after the hard drive I stored the episodes on died. I now use Carbonite to back everything up...